What is Gender Generations Project?

Gender Generations Project is a non-profit organization that runs retreats for Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, and gender diverse youth to gather to learn a variety of skills from Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, and gender diverse mentors who specialize in the topics they present!

Who can attend the retreats?

Our primary focus for the retreats are Youth (5-18) who are Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, or gender diverse. Our programming relays on a wide range of mentors (18+) who are Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, or gender diverse. Our mentors lead workshops and support youth to participate in many ways and allow us to keep the workshop time to be a Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, or gender diverse only space.

This year we also have new programing for older adults and seniors (age 55+) who are Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, or gender diverse and expanded programming for parents and caregivers of children & youth who are Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, or gender diverse.

Trans people, parents, and cisgender allies of any age are also welcome to apply as volunteers help out at the retreats outside of workshops.

What happens during the retreats?

During the retreats, there are scheduled times for mingling, workshops, open mic, and meal times. The retreats are centered around workshops. One goal of the retreat is to create space for intergeneration connection between the youth, volunteers, mentors, older adults, and parents & caregivers, to connect, network, build community, and get to know each other better!

What workshops will happen and what is the space like?

The workshops vary year by year but tend to focus on a group project that would be driven by and executed by the youth in later retreats. For example, the first set of retreats revolved around writing workshops and artistic creations when the youth and mentors were working towards building a book to be published – both books are now published and have been distributed!

As for the workshops themselves, they are Trans only spaces and are dedicated to creating open dialogue and creative expression amongst the youth, volunteers, and mentors. You will receive a schedule 3-4 weeks in advance of the retreat.

Who runs workshops during the retreats?

Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, and gender diverse mentors who apply to the program present at the retreat. There are many topics that are covered depending on the year and the mentors provide a description of their workshop to us to then present to the youth in the workshops during the retreat!

How much are the retreats?

There is no fee for the retreat. We are experimenting with a sliding scale donation model for the Spring 2024 retreat as one of the ways to build sustainability and longevity into the project. The projected cost to the program per youth is over $200.

Our suggested donation range starts at zero, for those who are unable to donate for any reason. The top end of the scale $300 per child/youth, which would mean that you were supporting a less financially secure applicant. No questions are asked, choose what feels right for you. 

Note: Choosing to donate, or not, will not affect your participation in any way.

If you would like to learn more about why we are doing this or where to place your family on the scale please click here

If I am financially unable to afford travel there, what can I do?

Gender Generations Project has a limited travel fund that we can utilize to assist BC youth in attending the retreats. You can request travel funding in the application form.

Youth funding will be prioritized for participants who: 

  • are located in areas in BC that don’t have affirming programs, healthcare, or other resources for trans, non-binary, and gender expansive children and youth – especially rural areas
  • who are part of one or more other marginalized groups (for example, BIPOC, two-spirit, disabled, etc)
  • would not be able to come if they have to pay travel costs (either because of unsupportive family or lack of financial resources).

In addition, this year we have travel funding for older adults and seniors (age 55+). You can apply in the Older Adults and Seniors form or email info@gendergenerations.org if applying only as a mentor/volunteer. 

Due to funder restrictions, travel funding is only available for youth and older adult/senior participants.

Please note:

  • we cannot arrange travel – please make your own arrangements

  • receipts must be provided

  • we cannot provide funding for taxis/uber/lyft etc. 

  • if you are relying on this funding to attend, please wait to have confirmed funds before buying any tickets

If I am out of town, what accommodations are there?

For out of town attendees, we can arrange billeting with other participants of the retreat. You just have to let us know if you would require accommodations!

I’m nervous about attending, can my parent(s)/grown-up(s) come?

Parents and guardians are welcome to come and help out during the weekend! Since workshops are dedicated Trans only spaces, they are able to stay in the common spaces and kitchen. They are welcome to attend the meal times and open mic as well! We often run some programming and icebreakers for parents and guardians as well, separated from the Trans only workshops.