Our fall 2023 applications for the November 17th-19th retreat are here! The deadline to apply is November 10th for youth and volunteers, and November 3rd for mentors. Please fill out the form below that fits you best (Youth, Volunteer, or Mentor):

As a youth you’ll be able to attend a wide variety of workshops and activities, as well as participate in a large group project. This year, we’re making a mural! Our workshops can focus on art, writing, sports, activism, culture, and so much more. Our central programming supports youth aged 5–18.

New Youth Application: https://forms.gle/UJAaiorAuMCDbtzH6

Returning Youth Application: https://forms.gle/ZXjdcp3D9WqLNGwS6

As a volunteer, you will be helping with the set-up, take-down, and helping with the overall running of the retreat. You will also be helping to settle and situate the youth into the space and to create a comfortable space for them to connect with others. You may also be paired with a youth as a direct support for them (typically 12 and under), so that they can participate to their full capabilities.

New Volunteer Application: https://forms.gle/RdqMTbcApdNqVtgW8

Returning Volunteer Application: https://forms.gle/kuagHrbx1YMih3qz5

As a mentor, you will be running a workshop for a group of youth as well as connecting with youth outside of your workshop. A mentor will also be helping with settling youth and creating a comfortable space for them to connect with others throughout the retreat. Applications due by November 3rd.

New Mentor Application: https://forms.gle/TpFM63PChDBoHmAF8

Returning Mentor Application: https://forms.gle/hTbCMpXdJFYkmTr36