Empowering Gender Diverse Youth
Through Connections and Creations


The Gender Generations Project works to empower trans, two-spirit, non-binary, and other gender diverse youth so that they can recognize their potential to be leaders in their own communities through British Columbia, and the rest of the world.

The project fosters connections between the youth and adult mentors with shared or similar gender identities and backgrounds who can support and inspire them to live their truths in spite of adversity.

In our retreats, and through all of our workshops and other group activities, we work to build creative projects that provide meaningful ways for both the youth and mentors to engage in self-expression, as well as bring awareness to our diverse community.

We are a model of awesome gender diverse representation for youth in schools who might be questioning their gender identity or expression, parents of kids who are in the process of coming out, educators and other professionals who support gender diverse youth, and anyone else who can relate to our spirit of inclusivity and belonging.

In the past we have focused on the creation of projects in the realm of fine arts, such as writing, visual art, and performance, and are working on expanding our fields of interest into other areas.

If you prefer to donate directly (not via PayPal), we also accept e-transfer donations to info@gendergenerations.org.
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Where to find us!

Email: info@gendergenerations.org

Instagram: @gendergenerationsproject

Facebook: @GenderGenerationsProject